TEAM REiS Startup Sniffer


I made a new tool! It’s name is Startup Sniffer and it’s name means, it will sniff all your PC’s starting programs. I hope you like it.


Download it Here: Download v0.1


[.NET] Adding a cool effect to a keygen

Hello everyone!

I’m going to show a effect that appear in some MASM32 keygens but not in .NET keygens. So I decided to start this post.

KeyGen with a cool start: Appearing of zero

First create your keygen with algorithm and all of this things but put Me.FormBorderStyle = None and Me.StartPosition = CenterScreen. If you planned to put with default Windows bar it won’t be good.

Add now a Timer with Interval=1 and Enabled=True. Double click on it and put this code:

Me.Height += 2

Me.Width += 2

Me.Location = New Point(Me.Location.X – 1, Me.Location.Y – 1)

Now run it and see what appear 😀


How to make a NFO Viewer (.NET)?

Hello everyone!

I’m going to show how to make an NFO Viewer (for your team for example). This is very easy to do. 🙂

Let’s start making a project on .NET (C# or Visual Basic). Customize as you like. Then add a richtextbox to the form.


I added a label for the scrolling but I will show how to do it.

Now we have to put this code:


Dim encoding As System.Text.Encoding = System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding(437)
Dim ourfile As New System.IO.StreamReader(“The path of the NFO”, encoding)
RichTextBox1.Text = ourfile.ReadToEnd()


System.Text.Encoding encoding = System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding(437);

StreamReader ourfile = New StreamReader(“The path of the NFO,encoding);

RichTextBox1.Text = outfile.ReadToEnd();

Easy no? Now you just decore it. To put a scrolling bar it’s easy also. Add a label and put a timer with the interval you would like (fast or slow). Then apply this code to the Timer tick.

LabelName.Top -= 1
If LabelName.Top = (value1) + (-1 * LabelName.Height) Then
LabelName.Top = (value2)
End If

On the (value1) you must put where the label is on the top that the user doesn’t see it. On the (value2) you must put the location of the label scrolling from down. Only you must put the top if you would like to change the left. We have to put the -1 to convert it to negative because the graphics are in negative on the top.



For any question simply comment!